Life is too short for you to wait for ANYTHING! 

It is time to say YES to life TODAY instead of waiting until you lose those pounds! 

It is easier than you think

I have a super cool method to help you get past those “I am too fat to do anything” voices and breakthrough to that inner badass just waiting to get out!  

You don’t have to change your size to change your life!


Let me show you how EASY this can be with this Eight Weekly, Online, Rock your Life Modules. PLUS A two-day, intensive, LIVE retreat! October 3 - November 21, 2017

Join this 8-week, super-charged, Badass program and you will:

  • Silence that negative voice in your head that says you can’t and unleash the one that says you can and you will!
  • Stop the runaway train your life is on and take control of all aspects including eating!
  • See how beautiful and amazing you are NOW because it doesn’t matter how you look to others, it is how you see yourself!
  • Stop obsessing about food. Who wants all of their energy and focus on food when it could be on fun? And when you let go of the obsession, you will let go of the weight!
  • Embrace that badass in you and learn to say NO already! A badass does not get taken advantage of or bullied into doing something they don’t want to. Your decisions should ALWAYS be in the best interest of you, your family, and your business!
  • Say YES to YOU! Just like they say on an airplane, put your oxygen mask on first or you won’t be any good to those in your care! 

Roz's group program changed my life. I feel like I made lasting positive relationships with other amazing women, and with my own body and mind. Thank you, Roz for teaching me it's okay to take up space"  

~ Amber D., mom, wife, career woman

“Since working with Rosalyn, I have not been on a diet in a year (the old me probably would have been on 6-12 diets by now) and guess what? I’ve lost 13 pounds. Thirteen pounds, without even “trying”. Thirteen pounds that my body no longer needed and was really to let go of. I feel lighter physically, but mostly mentally. I am no longer carrying around the weight of “not good enough”. I feel free. I love myself more and feel more confident in my skin more than I ever have.  

~ Brandi B., Stay-Home Mom, Wife  

So how would you like a life of no more dieting, no more obsession with food, no more self-sabotaging, and no more shame?

How will this program be delivered?  

I am not going to leave you on your own for 8 weeks slogging through boring content. No way! You don’t have to do this alone! We are going to do this together!  

The Embrace Your Badass tribe will gather online every week and we can interact, support each other, and cover the material as a group. There will be lots of time for Q and A as well as LIVE coaching sessions in this group setting.  

And so you can be focused and present during these amazing sessions, they will be recorded and yours to keep FOREVER!  

Yes, you get lifetime access to the replays so you have encouragement and coaching at your fingertips whenever you need it!  

Here's a sneak peak on what you will learn in the 8 Online Learning Modules

Love the One You Are With: YOU!

Finally silence your inner critic for good and kick those negative thoughts to the curb. In the first week you will learn how to shift from self-doubt and perfectionism to self-compassion and positivity. You are worth it! 

Food Isn’t the Boss of You Anymore!

You will finally gain control of binge or emotional eating and release the shame and embarrassment around food. And, you will gain the confidence to eat anything without sabotaging your health and weight.

How to Feel AMAZING in your Body NOW!

You are going to transition from feeling tired and bloated to feeling vibrant and healthy. When you look in the mirror you will see what everyone else does… a beautiful and amazing badass who is ready to take on the world.

No More Yo-yoing

Sustainable weight loss and a healthy lifestyle both begin in your head, not your body. By understanding the meaning behind the weight, you can do the work to release it for good.

Just say NO!

It is time for you to set up some real boundaries without feeling guilty or selfish. You are no good to anyone if you are tired, cranky, overwhelmed, and stressed. I am going to teach you the wonderful art of saying no!

Me Time is Mandatory

It is so hard to put yourself first when you care so much for everyone else. You are going to master self-care and prevent burnout so you can be the best version of your badass self!

You Deserve Abundance!

There is more than enough for everyone! So, let’s drop the struggle and shame around money. You deserve to be a badass at making money! In this module, you will shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset so you can have the business and the life of your dreams. 

Putting It All Together

You have a new normal! Yayyyyy!!!! Let’s keep it that way so you never struggle with food, body, money and self-worth again and you enjoy the lifestyle you want and deserve! 

The Two-Day LIVE Event will be held Nov 25 & 26, 2017 in beautiful Edmonton, AB

This intensive, two-day event will take all of this learning and help you get it deep down in your soul so it becomes a part of you. We are going to take action and through experiential exercises, on the spot coaching, and taking the big steps of transformation in a safe, supportive environment you will walk away a whole new you!  

YOU are one decision away from changing your life! Let’s make this happen! Embrace your inner badass and live the life you have always dreamed of!  

There are only TEN seats available!  

This is a HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED group coaching program.  

So that each woman can get the individualized attention needed in this group program to succeed, there will only be 10 spots available.  

I contacted Rosalyn because I truly believe in the power of the mind. I'd fallen out of my healthful diet and exercise routine. Rosalyn helped me cut to the root of my self sabotage, and I effortlessly fell back into honouring my health and body. Thank you Roz!  

~ Kara D., Author, Coach, Speaker, mom 

Vibrant, approachable, and an expert in whole-health image awareness. She shines the spotlight on the why; you learn about how. Empowering, and motivating!  

~ Loretta F., Holistic Nutritionist, Coach, Speaker, mom

Hi Love!  

I am Rosalyn Fung, a Self-Love Life & Business Coach for women and entrepreneurs, a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate, a Spiritual Badass Certified Reiki Master, mom, wife and lover of Dove commercials.  

With a background as a former Registered Psychologist in private practice, and being certified in the super cool and effective Hakomi method, I can help you make the mindset shift you need to reclaim your life. If you are tired of putting things off until you look better, I can help you unleash your inner badass and rock your life NOW!

BUT WAIT......... REGISTER NOW and I'll throw in these Kick-Ass Bonuses:  

Live /Recorded Sessions with Complimentary Wellness Experts (Value $3,500+) (Downloadable to keep forever and re-listen to)  

How to Master Meal Planning with Stacy Westman, Nutritional Coach  

Depleted to Energized – Lose weight, Prevent Burn Out & Brain Fog with Shonda Holt, Holistic Nutritional Clinical Practitioner 

Master Your Finances like a #MoneyBoss with Selina Gray, Accountant & Financial Coach

Improve your core and pelvic health – Christy Amson, Personal Trainer

Crystals to Manifest Abundance - Timmie Policarpio, Reiki + Energy Healing Master Teacher

Receive her book: "The Essential Diet; Eating for Mental Health" AND webinar on Body Love: You and Your hormones - Dr. Christina Bjorndal, ND 

WOW The value and tools you will receive will be everything you need to EMBRACE YOUR INNER BADASS and start living the life you deserve